Jonathan Papelbon – You forgot your shirt!

Figured in lieu of his 2009 All Star Game win, I would throw up a quick post about Jonathan Papelbon. When I decided a few weeks back that I would get back into the swing of things (yuck is that a baseball pun?) and start collecting cards again, I went over to Target and bought a few boxes. One of which was some leftover 2008 Upper Deck, I noted on the box that I was guaranteed to come home with a memorabilia card that day, although that wasn’t the deciding factor I will say I was a little excited by it.

I get this purchase home and look forward to ripping into it, being a collector of the late 80s and early 90s I have quite a bit of Upper Deck including some sealed factory sets that I got to dust off the other day. You see, I have always seemed to like Upper Deck for some reason or another, I don’t know if it was just a thing when Topps in the late 80s had to step aside when the 1989 Upper Deck cards hit the market, but for whatever reason I like them.

I get home and bust the box open…


Jonathan Papelbon – 2008 Upper Deck “UD Jersey” – #UD-PA

Although he toes the rubber for the team I hate, I will say the kid has some stuff! With 4 consecutive trips to the mid summer classic the right hander picked up the win in the 2009 All Star Game. I have to put this out there though, Jonathan… as long as Mo is in pinstripes, we will see you at Fenway! When Enter Sandman plays for the last time at Yankee Stadium… well I guess you would look pretty good in the pinstripes!



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