Don’t Bounce It President Obama

Last night marked the mid summer classic, MLB All Star Game – one in which the American League was victorious… again. This post is not about the game, but something that happens before every game – the ceremonial first pitch. It is a baseball tradition that has some history, did you know, the first ceremonial first pitches were delivered by the guest of honor from their seat in the stands? It then moved on down to the field where the guest could give a go at toeing the rubber.

Last night was special because President Barack Obama was scheduled to toss the first pitch. Now being a political figure and the President of the United States no doubt comes with some experience in the public eye, but I have a hard time thinking Obama didn’t have just a few butterflies before stepping on the mound. After all, you don’t want to bounce it!


I always get a joy out of watching the first pitch, whether it is a star musician, entertainer or political figure you never know what your going to get when they take hold of the baseball. A few thoughts on last night’s first pitch

  • Nice to see Obama stay true and come out wearing the White Sox jacket – way to keep it South Side
  • Who dresses the guy? I thought Mom jeans were for mothers…
  • I am damn proud that the President towed the rubber and didn’t half ass it from in front of the mound – way to go!
  • Mechanics! Let’s get some catch in the days workouts Barack – its only 60’6″, good thing the Say Hey Kid got you to follow through!
  • Couldn’t tell if it was a lob or if Obama has a nice breaking pitch – I am going to go with lob
  • Southpaw – a nice touch… fist pump after a nice scoop by Pujols – a nicer touch

As my favorite sports anchor growing up Warner Wolf would say – “Let’s go to the videotape!”

I will say that President Obama had a nice delivery for a politician, certainly way better than Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory’s go at it on opening day of the 2007 Reds season.

Warning: The following video is nearly painful to watch as a baseball fan… I present to you – pitching trickery by Mayor Mark Mallory

I am contemplating opening a clinic for ceremonial first pitchers – consider it a Spring Training of sorts for the one strike wonders. Rates and schedule should be posted soon.



2 responses to “Don’t Bounce It President Obama

  1. I heard he did bounce it, or it was at least in the dirt and Pujols had to lunge for it, even though he was set up in front of the plate.

    If that’s true, I can’t imagine why the media wouldn’t show it…

  2. There is another angle from the center field camera that Fox didn’t show until later in the game… let’s just say it was a nice scoop by Pujols flashing his custom Obama glove.

    The media wouldn’t want to show our fearless leader bouncing it! The mom jeans and windup were terrible enough.

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