1992 Leaf Mitch Williams… Shades of Kenny Powers?

Well as I was thumbing through my collection the other day scratching my head as to how to tackle the job of re-organizing it all, I happened upon this 1992 Leaf card of lefthander Mitch Williams.

1992 Leaf – Mitch Williams – #80

I couldn’t help myself, I started cracking up. Maybe it was late, maybe it was the hours I had already spent thumbing through the old cards, who knows.

Yes, from watching the HBO show Eastbound & Down it is clear they are mimicking some players, but the picture on the 1992 Leaf Mitch Williams is almost lead character Kenny Powers to the T.

If you haven’t checked out Eastbound & Down yet I don’t know what your waiting for, it is a decent show that will give you a few laughs throughout the first season. Here is a short clip from the show in case you haven’t seen any of it…

To note, the 1992 Leaf contained some odd photos – Check out the 1992 Leaf Randy Johnson gem, I also got a few good laughs from this one as well. I can’t tell if The Big Unit is proudly displaying his overpowering pitching or threatening to kill vampires with some sawed up lumber.

1992 Leaf – Randy Johnson – #234

It’s good to get back to the early 90s every now and again.



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