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Card Show Buys – 8/2/2009

Yes, it’s the middle of the week… yes the weekend is a distant memory in our ever so busy lives, but this is my blog and I can do whatever I want… so that leads us to what we have here – my Dania Beach baseball card show buys from Sunday August 2nd.

I had nothing in mind when I went to the show, maybe I was going to buy a newer box and be on my way home with overpriced wax or maybe I would score some more memorabilia type goods such as a few signed balls or maybe add a bat to the collection…

Generally when you go shopping to anywhere with nothing specific in mind to purchase things could go one of two ways – you will overspend on stuff you don’t need (ever been to the grocery store when your hungry?) or you will just end up walking around for awhile and then just come out pleased but not thrilled about any of your purchases. This weekend was more part B for me – I had nothing in mind and this is what I came out with…


First up was a few packs of old wax – how about some 1992 Fleer, a box of 1992 Score Series 1, a few jumbo packs of 1992 Score Series 2, a couple packs of 1993 Score – looking to get the Jeter RC maybe, a box of 1992 Donruss. This was certainly and impulse buy – I have plenty of early 90s “junk” wax, but what’s better than busting some childhood wax?


A few Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter baseball cards to add to my growing collection, that reminds me, maybe I should make a few dedicated pages to my biggest player collections. It might bore you to see 30, 40 or even 50 of the SAME cards for each player though… maybe for a rainy day. Also, I added a nice numbered Dave Righetti card and put me down for another Bernie Williams card (maybe he will be the 3rd player page). I round out this purchase with a numbered David Cone card, if I send this to Mr. Cone TTM do you think he will keep it? I didn’t want to leave a nice card of a man that the baseball world need not forget about – Cory Lidle who passed away in an airplane crash a few years back.


I killed an hour or so digging through some 3200 count boxes to get some TTM cards or just a few cards of players I am a fan of. Nothing to see here… keep reading…

I ended the day walking out looking for something to drop the last few dollars in my wallet on. I walked the show a few laps looking for something to catch my eye. I thought the show was slower this month than the past month so it was a rather dreary few laps. Then I decided what the hell, let’s get another box and this is what I picked.


A box of 1993 Score, hey there has to be a few Jeter Rookies in there right? I guess we will find out soon in a box break post.

Again, if anyone is looking for any players from the early 90s, chances are I have more than a few of their cards from the various boxes and packs I picked up at the show, just drop me a line and I will send them your way.



Trip to the Card Store

So today at lunch time I took some time to stop by the card store right by my office. I have been there before and it is really nothing more than a little stand inside and indoor flea market. The guy who runs the place is from up North like me and has been in the business for quite some time and at one time owned multiple stores in the Massachusetts area.

Whenever I stop there I feel as though I am the only customer who thumbs through the boxes of cards and sorts through some of the older packs he has. He sells some other type of goods which I think is his main revenue stream there, but I don’t go for anything but some old wax. He usually gives me a few things for free when I stop in, and we chat a bit and then part ways – he is a genuine nice guy. Today I decided I would go for a reason and wanted to pick up some older baseball card packs to bust.

I dropped $20 today and walked away with the following:


  • Plastic 100 card carrying case – just something I will appreciate having more of when I take some cards to shows to see about dumping off or trading away.
  • 1991 Topps 45 Card pack
  • 5 Packs of 1987 Donruss – good rookie class
  • 1 Pack of 1993 Bowman – maybe a Jeter rookie?
  • 1 Pack of 2007 Topps Flashback Fridays – freebie
  • And a random grab bag for $1.99 – there was one left and what could be more fun than a grab bag?

I will be sure to follow up with what I got in the packs and grab bag!

I have to say, I do enjoy taking a mid week trip to the card store. For me it is almost like a nice stress relief and gives me something to do after work on hump day, perhaps it’s cardboard therapy. Looking forward to seeing what cards this week brings. Anyone else take a weekly stress relief trip to the card store?

Flipping Wax