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TTM Success – August 6, 2009

Got home today from being out of town for a few days and had that mysterious envelope in the mailbox. Always a treat to get a nice successful TTM return. I mark my address for both the send to and return address on the SASE I sent out so if it gets lost it will always (hopefully) come back to me anyway, as there is no sense in sending the player back his own autograph.

Today it was the Texas Rangers star center fielder – Andruw Jones. This is exciting as it marks a successful TTM return from an active major leaguer! It is always nice to see a guy take time out of his busy career and give a little back to the fans. In today’s game it is easy to get caught up in all the BS hoopla regarding rule breakers and steroid users, but in the end these guys are getting paid (handsomely might I add) to play a game – something that anyone of us as a baseball fan would love to do, and something all of us dreamed doing as a kid!

Here is what Andruw Jones threw some ink on for me. Andruw Jones c/o Texas Rangers 2/2 in 15 days:


2008 Bowman – #91 – Andruw Jones c/o Texas Rangers


2005 Donruss Classics – #183 – Andruw Jones c/o Texas Rangers

There you have it – another FlippingWax TTM Success – thanks Mr. Jones!



TTM Going Out Today July 23, 2009 – Part Deux

In an earlier post I discussed the process of obtaining autographs through the mail, or TTM. Here is more of the TTM requests that I sent out today July 23, 2009…


Lou Piniella c/o Chicago Cubs


Lenny Dykstra c/o Home


Johnny Damon c/o NY Yankees


Joe Torre c/o LA Dodgers


Jimmy Key c/o Home


Jennie Finch c/o Finch Windmill


Andruw Jones c/o Texas Rangers

I will be sure to update with what returns I get and how long it took to receive them.