World’s Greatest Card Chase Blaster Break

This morning I had to go to the doctor and get an minor ear infection taken care of, so with that came a trip to get some medicine, naturally that had me traveling to WalMart. Figured I would stop by the baseball cards to see what they had to offer, and it was slim pickens to say the least. I stumbled across a blaster of something I hadn’t seen before on the retail shelves – a blaster of the World’s Greatest Card Chase.

Who knows perhaps I am behind on the times, which is likely considering I just got back into collecting not too long ago, but for 20 bucks I had to see what the 16 packs inside were, could it really be a diamond in the rough? The World’s Greatest Card Chase blaster box boasts finding cards worth $275,000 which gave me a good laugh and the marketing gimmick of that along sold me. I figured it would be a fun blaster to break, bust some old wax and maybe get a few guys to send TTM.

Here is the blaster in all it’s glory:


Here are the 16 packs that I pulled in the blaster of the World’s Greatest Card Chase:




Here is the list of the packs:

  • 1989 Topps (with Gum)
  • 1990 Fleer
  • 1990 Upper Deck
  • 2008 TriStar Projections
  • 1989 Donruss
  • 1992 Fleer Ultra
  • 2008 TriStar Projections
  • 1990 Topps Big
  • 1990 Donruss
  • 1991 Fleer
  • 1991 Score Series 1
  • 2008 TriStar Projections
  • 1988 Donruss
  • 1988 Fleer
  • 1991 Donruss Series 1
  • 1991 Leaf Series 2

I am going to wait until later to bust the wax, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had any experience with the blasters of the World’s Greatest Card Chase blasters



TTM Success – July 28, 2009

Today was a good mail day here at FlippingWax. I recently posted how I sent out a few TTM requests last week and today I got my first successful TTM return.


That’s right Jimmy Key c/o Home address 2 out of 2 cards signed and with a successful return in 5 days. I was a fan of Jimmy Key when he was with the Yankees for 4 seasons in the mid 90s. Needless to say I am more than happy with the return!


A No No… No?

It was May 26, 1959 when the Pirates southpaw Harvey Haddix took the hill against the Braves. Who would have thought it would be a game for the record books, only to years later be a game for the scrapbooks. You see it was an unusual day at the ballpark, one which took 13 innings to settle. Throughout those 13 innings Harvey Haddix had retired 36 straight batters, not letting a single Braves player reach base, a feat no doubt that will never be replicated in today’s modern game.

Then in the bottom half of the 13th the Braves leadoff man reached on an error and that is when things starting to get grim for Haddix. There was a sacrifice bunt and an intentional walk to move the runners to 1st and 2nd. The next batter hit a ball out to right center which was hard to tell in the whether if it had left the yard or not, but it indeed did. Controversy then reared its ugly head when the runner on first a guy who’s name you might have heard before – Hammerin’ Hank Aaron was passed by Joe Adcock, the batter who had just left the yard – this resulted in the homerun ending up a double, but little did that debacle matter as Harvey Haddix’s no no was over.


It wasn’t until 1991 when Major League baseball changed the rules a bit to strike Haddix’s pitching performance from the record books, it was ruled a pitcher had to finish the game with a win and not allow a hit for it to go down in the books as a no hitter. It’s interesting to know that some of Harvey Haddix’s cards are going for the cheap on eBay – check out this graded example here.

So there you have it, Harvey Haddix’s 13 innings of no hit perfection will go down as the greatest no no that never happened.


The Baseball Card Movie

I was browsing YouTube and it’s always funny how one video leads to another, which leads to another and then you find yourself hours later no where near the subject you started. Well tonight I happened across this videoThe Baseball Card Movie.

I really think how the movie is put together is nice and it shows the diversity of the card collector quite nicely. I did notice the same thing I noticed at most of the recent shows in this video as well and that is… where are the kids?! When I walk around the shows and look around as a mid twenty year old guy, I notice that in most cases I am the kid! Are the days of the mall shows swarmed with young collectors over?

I really enjoyed the video as it was filmed in Brooklyn, NY at the Baseball Card Dugout and it just was nice to be reminded of home (NY/NJ area) during yet another sweltering and humid night in south Florida. I hope you all enjoy a little glimpse into the store and its customers as much as I did.


Jeter… No not that guy!

Jeter is a big name in baseball, I mean how can a guy with 10 all star appearances, 4 rings and 3 gold gloves fly under the radar? Not to mention the Yankee captain, Derek Jeter…..

NO NOT THAT JETER.. how about this guy…



1993 Topps – #800 – Shawn Jeter Coming Attraction

Talk about an unfortunate time to come into the league, Shawn Jeter made his MLB debut in 1992 with the Chicago White Sox, his career was short lived lasting only about 4 months. Batting .111 with 7 K’s in 18 plate appearances certainly didn’t help his short career in the bigs. Did you know that Shawn Jeter’s father, Johnny Jeter also played in the bigs for a few teams including the Chi Sox? His career was a bit longer than his son Shawn’s lasting 6 seasons.

Well, it being a Friday in which the Yankees lead by team captain Derek find themselves atop the AL East, I wanted to take a few minutes to recognize the other Jeter’s of the league… here’s to you Shawn Jeter… here’s to you.


Mark Buehrle – 27 Up… 27 Down

Something special happened tonight in Chicago… no there wasn’t a record broken, but when Mark Buehrle took the hill today who would have thought something special was going to happen? Sure, in Buehrle’s last start he was totally shelled – letting up 5 runs in 6 and a third worth of work… but tonight, tonight was different.

Mark Buehrle isn’t really a star name in the bigs, but this kid gets it done in his own sort of way. With a ring to show for it and a no no in his historical data, tonight he entered a true class of freaks on the mound. It was tonight that Mark Buehrle tossed a nail biting perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Buehrle’s perfect game on July 23, 2009 marked only the 18th in major league history.

Take a look at one of the not so household names on his rookie card from 2000 Fleer:


Sure, what Mark Buehrle did tonight was no world series perfect game that Don Larson tossed, but it had all the makings of something special (if you can get more special than a perfect game that is), with a nail biter in the ninth, Chicago center-fielder Dewayne Wise went up and over the wall to rob a home run and keep the PG in tact.

So, congrats to you Mr. Mark Buehrle you are now part of baseball’s elite, slowly making a name for yourself in a game of so many… take a bow kid!


TTM Going Out Today July 23, 2009 – Part Deux

In an earlier post I discussed the process of obtaining autographs through the mail, or TTM. Here is more of the TTM requests that I sent out today July 23, 2009…


Lou Piniella c/o Chicago Cubs


Lenny Dykstra c/o Home


Johnny Damon c/o NY Yankees


Joe Torre c/o LA Dodgers


Jimmy Key c/o Home


Jennie Finch c/o Finch Windmill


Andruw Jones c/o Texas Rangers

I will be sure to update with what returns I get and how long it took to receive them.