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No doubt the reason for this blog, baseball cards are an old hobby for many, and this is my journey back into the world of collecting cards and other baseball memorabilia. Baseball cards have been produced in the United States since the 1800s with the first official baseball cards being produced in 1868 by Peck and Snyder.

It was the turn of the century that baseball cards really took off, being produced by mostly confectionery and tobacco companies. This all of course was well before my times, so this blog will mostly focus on cards of the 1980s and 1990s and touch on my journey back into cards here in 2009.

Baseball cards and sports memorabilia seems to be a dying hobby with numbers of hobby stores shrinking year by year. I would like to explore this in more depth to see if the internet age and video games really is killing an old hobby.

A New Season

Well, I guess it is that time of year again. Time for the beer and hot dogs and the man to yell “Play Ball”. Sunday will mark opening night as they are now calling it, and I will be wearing my Bleacher Creature t-shirt (shout out to Bald Vinny – check his tee’s out – and likely yelling at my TV.

Since today felt like spring and I could almost taste the bud light and hot dogs, I decided what better day to go out at lunch and buy some new wax. I ended up picking up some 2010 Topps as well as a few packs of 2010 Upper Deck (ya, unlicensed we know). Nothing really fascinating to report there, but did score a few cool cards I guess. Just doesn’t do it for me anymore, growing up a kid of the 90s with junk wax I guess busting some over-commercialized “junk 90s wax” still does it for me.

Here are a few cards that I picked up. (Pardon the borrowed images – google is just too easy these days)

2010 Upper Deck – Brandon Inge Game Used Jersey Card (#UDGJ-BI)

2010 Upper Deck Brandon Inge Jersey Card

2010 Topps Mickey Mantle (#7)

2010 Topps Mickey Mantle #7

This little game might just get me hooked on 2010 Topps – The Million Card Giveaway

Million card giveaway

2010 Topps Legendary Lineage – Rickey Henderson/Carl Crawford (#LL30)

2010 Rickey henderson

I also got a 2010 Upper Deck Pure Heat Albert Pujols (PH-2), can’t find a picture of it online so maybe I will have to scan my own. It is a pretty cool die-cut card.

Amazing that tossing $25 down can still afford to provide this much fun, suspense and surprise still at this age.

Anyone else out there cracking new wax in anticipation of the new season? Until next time…



Yankee eBay Day

Every now and then I head over to eBay to see what baseball cards I can scoop up. Generally I am looking for nothing in particular so I just type in something of interest and sort by ending soonest and at time poor decisions follow. eBay and auctions in general are a funny thing, you go in looking for nothing really and then you come out with a few new things that you potentially got caught up in the moment and overpaid for. End rant.

Well I got a few baseball cards in the mail yesterday that I forget I even won and bought on eBay – always a nice surprise. I paid about $4 total for these two cards, and sure if you compare it to the “book” I might have been taken for a ride, but when there are no local shows except once a month – sometimes eBay is the way I scratch the itch.

Without further ado, here is what was in the ol’ mailbox yesterday afternoon:


2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #AGHS12 – Yankees Farewell Tribute Parallel


2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #AGHS8 – Derek Jeter Parallel

There you have it, sometimes when you are in between shows and tired of busting nothing but junk from the retail stores that have all been searched, sometimes eBay is a fun way to get your baseball card fix!


World’s Greatest Card Chase Blaster Break

This morning I had to go to the doctor and get an minor ear infection taken care of, so with that came a trip to get some medicine, naturally that had me traveling to WalMart. Figured I would stop by the baseball cards to see what they had to offer, and it was slim pickens to say the least. I stumbled across a blaster of something I hadn’t seen before on the retail shelves – a blaster of the World’s Greatest Card Chase.

Who knows perhaps I am behind on the times, which is likely considering I just got back into collecting not too long ago, but for 20 bucks I had to see what the 16 packs inside were, could it really be a diamond in the rough? The World’s Greatest Card Chase blaster box boasts finding cards worth $275,000 which gave me a good laugh and the marketing gimmick of that along sold me. I figured it would be a fun blaster to break, bust some old wax and maybe get a few guys to send TTM.

Here is the blaster in all it’s glory:


Here are the 16 packs that I pulled in the blaster of the World’s Greatest Card Chase:




Here is the list of the packs:

  • 1989 Topps (with Gum)
  • 1990 Fleer
  • 1990 Upper Deck
  • 2008 TriStar Projections
  • 1989 Donruss
  • 1992 Fleer Ultra
  • 2008 TriStar Projections
  • 1990 Topps Big
  • 1990 Donruss
  • 1991 Fleer
  • 1991 Score Series 1
  • 2008 TriStar Projections
  • 1988 Donruss
  • 1988 Fleer
  • 1991 Donruss Series 1
  • 1991 Leaf Series 2

I am going to wait until later to bust the wax, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had any experience with the blasters of the World’s Greatest Card Chase blasters


The Baseball Card Movie

I was browsing YouTube and it’s always funny how one video leads to another, which leads to another and then you find yourself hours later no where near the subject you started. Well tonight I happened across this videoThe Baseball Card Movie.

I really think how the movie is put together is nice and it shows the diversity of the card collector quite nicely. I did notice the same thing I noticed at most of the recent shows in this video as well and that is… where are the kids?! When I walk around the shows and look around as a mid twenty year old guy, I notice that in most cases I am the kid! Are the days of the mall shows swarmed with young collectors over?

I really enjoyed the video as it was filmed in Brooklyn, NY at the Baseball Card Dugout and it just was nice to be reminded of home (NY/NJ area) during yet another sweltering and humid night in south Florida. I hope you all enjoy a little glimpse into the store and its customers as much as I did.


Jeter… No not that guy!

Jeter is a big name in baseball, I mean how can a guy with 10 all star appearances, 4 rings and 3 gold gloves fly under the radar? Not to mention the Yankee captain, Derek Jeter…..

NO NOT THAT JETER.. how about this guy…



1993 Topps – #800 – Shawn Jeter Coming Attraction

Talk about an unfortunate time to come into the league, Shawn Jeter made his MLB debut in 1992 with the Chicago White Sox, his career was short lived lasting only about 4 months. Batting .111 with 7 K’s in 18 plate appearances certainly didn’t help his short career in the bigs. Did you know that Shawn Jeter’s father, Johnny Jeter also played in the bigs for a few teams including the Chi Sox? His career was a bit longer than his son Shawn’s lasting 6 seasons.

Well, it being a Friday in which the Yankees lead by team captain Derek find themselves atop the AL East, I wanted to take a few minutes to recognize the other Jeter’s of the league… here’s to you Shawn Jeter… here’s to you.


More Ginter… I am hooked

As I wrote in my last post about the 2009 Allen & Ginter release it is my favorite product out right now, and after depleting the supply (limited) of my local card store I was on a mission to find a retailer that had the 2009 Ginter. That is what took me to the local Super Target, I mean if any retailer is going to have the product, certainly it would be the Super one right? At least that is what I was thinking when I drove over, sure enough there it was, a retail box of Ginter that looked like it had been previously searched, oh well, I guess I will just see what I can get and I snagged a few packs.

I just couldn’t pick what pack I thought felt the luckiest, I’ll be damned if picking cards isn’t something that makes you feel like a kid again! I couldn’t decide on just one pack, so I ended up walking out with 7 packs of 2009 Allen & Ginter, here is what I pulled…








Here are my favorite pulls from the packs:

  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #338 – Jason Wong SP – This guy has his own card because he cracked the 2008 Ginter code!
  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #NP71 – Josh Hamilton National Pride Card – If you don’t like Josh for his incrediable comeback story, then you have to like him for his unforgettable homerun derby performance!
  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #NP58 – Derek Jeter National Pride Card – You know I love the Yankee captain!
  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #66 – Alex Rodriguez Mini – I like the mini cards, maybe that will be the set I will try to collect.
  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #AGHS8 – Derek Jeter Baseball Highlights – What a classic play!
  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #276 – Michael Phelps Mini Black Border Paralell – Nice card and nice paralell.
  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #AGHS9 – Frank Thomas Baseball Highlights – One of my favorite players growing up, I like these baseball highlights cards!
  • 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter – #333 – Nick Swisher SP – I like this guy as a Yankee, if you haven’t seen him during the bleacher creature roll call – check it out – he is a guy that has a lot of fun!

I love the 2009 Allen & Ginter series, I just am not too sure what part of the series I want to focus on collecting, so for now I am just going to enjoy busting wax!


2009 Upper Deck Icons Baseball – My First Look

It is no big story that the recent release of 2009 Upper Deck Icons baseball was overshadowed big time by the Allen & Ginter release, but I did get my hands on a few packs of 2009 UD Icons to see what it was about.

Pack Numero Uno


Not a bad first pack bust for a Bronx Bomber fan like myself… I pulled a Derek Jeter basecard in my first pack of 2009 Upper Deck Icons, so far so good I thought. The 5 cards per pack is somewhat of an annoyance in my opinion, but I’m an old school junk wax collector who always wants more for my dime. To note, I do like the design of the new Icons, it is very nice that there is not too much going on, and to have the action shots make the cards pop.

Pack 2


Not a bad second pack, another Yankee in A.J. Burnett and a few guys from our crosstown rivals. Still liking the design of the cards as well as the action shots, moving right along…

Pack 3


Pack 3 was pretty decent as well, A Rod and C.C., two more Yankee stars, maybe I had a hot hand for Yankees this day. Also picked up my first insert in awhile, 2009 Upper Deck Icons Foil Insert – #IC-JH – J.J. Hardy serial numbered to 999.

Overall, I would say I think the 2009 Upper Deck Icons baseball is a decent release, although I have seen a few videos on YouTube where guys got shorted a jersey on a jersey card. This goes without saying, sometimes QC can fall short on products, and I busted a 2009 Allen & Ginter pack that was shorted a card, but still it remains my release of choice for 2009. I think the timing by UD to release the Upper Deck Icons was possibly a mishap, and as happy as I was to pull out some of the Yankees I did to add to my collection, I think I will stick with Ginter as will other collectors.