The Baseball Card Movie

I was browsing YouTube and it’s always funny how one video leads to another, which leads to another and then you find yourself hours later no where near the subject you started. Well tonight I happened across this videoThe Baseball Card Movie.

I really think how the movie is put together is nice and it shows the diversity of the card collector quite nicely. I did notice the same thing I noticed at most of the recent shows in this video as well and that is… where are the kids?! When I walk around the shows and look around as a mid twenty year old guy, I notice that in most cases I am the kid! Are the days of the mall shows swarmed with young collectors over?

I really enjoyed the video as it was filmed in Brooklyn, NY at the Baseball Card Dugout and it just was nice to be reminded of home (NY/NJ area) during yet another sweltering and humid night in south Florida. I hope you all enjoy a little glimpse into the store and its customers as much as I did.



One response to “The Baseball Card Movie

  1. I’ve seen this video and have watched it a couple times. I know what you mean about the lack of kids – it’s all adults, and all the packs/boxes the guy talks about are crazy expensive. He recommends UD Exquisite or something like that!!!

    The problem is how hit driven the hobby has become. When I was 14 or 15, I was perfectly happy with a pack of Collector’s Choice and the chance to have a winning “You Crash the Game” card. Nowadays, if there’s no jersey swatch or autograph, nobody cards.

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