2009 Upper Deck Icons Baseball – My First Look

It is no big story that the recent release of 2009 Upper Deck Icons baseball was overshadowed big time by the Allen & Ginter release, but I did get my hands on a few packs of 2009 UD Icons to see what it was about.

Pack Numero Uno


Not a bad first pack bust for a Bronx Bomber fan like myself… I pulled a Derek Jeter basecard in my first pack of 2009 Upper Deck Icons, so far so good I thought. The 5 cards per pack is somewhat of an annoyance in my opinion, but I’m an old school junk wax collector who always wants more for my dime. To note, I do like the design of the new Icons, it is very nice that there is not too much going on, and to have the action shots make the cards pop.

Pack 2


Not a bad second pack, another Yankee in A.J. Burnett and a few guys from our crosstown rivals. Still liking the design of the cards as well as the action shots, moving right along…

Pack 3


Pack 3 was pretty decent as well, A Rod and C.C., two more Yankee stars, maybe I had a hot hand for Yankees this day. Also picked up my first insert in awhile, 2009 Upper Deck Icons Foil Insert – #IC-JH – J.J. Hardy serial numbered to 999.

Overall, I would say I think the 2009 Upper Deck Icons baseball is a decent release, although I have seen a few videos on YouTube where guys got shorted a jersey on a jersey card. This goes without saying, sometimes QC can fall short on products, and I busted a 2009 Allen & Ginter pack that was shorted a card, but still it remains my release of choice for 2009. I think the timing by UD to release the Upper Deck Icons was possibly a mishap, and as happy as I was to pull out some of the Yankees I did to add to my collection, I think I will stick with Ginter as will other collectors.



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