Mike Perez – 1993 Upper Deck, A card of a card of a card

I remember way back in 1993, I was steadily approaching a decade in age when the 1993 Upper Deck baseball set was released. It was on, and I dragged Mom and Dad down to the hobby shot to get a pack, which later turned into a box. I remember busting the packs with fury, looking mostly for Yankees and likely hoping for a Mattingly.

Then it happened, I stopped for a few seconds to look at the 1993 Upper Deck Mike Perez card, and it was at that moment something in my world changed. I remember asking myself what the hell was I looking at, and then it was followed with trying to figure out how that was possible – remember I was shy of 10 years old at the time, my photography and computer knowledge were Polaroid and math blaster at best.

I then took the card around to friends and family in a top loader, because I was convinced I was holding something unworldly… oh to be young again! It was the other night when I was continuing the quest to organize my collection when I happened upon a yellowing toploader containing none other than the 1993 Upper Deck Mike Perez.

1993 Upper Deck – #204 – Mike Perez


I have other Perez cards, but this one sticks out. Mike Perez pitched about 7 years in the majors mostly with the Cards, and had a decent career where he finished with a .600 winning percentage over 8 seasons, and a combined ERA of 3.56. No doubt a career that wont land him in Cooperstown, this card will forever be a part of my collection and hold that special spot from my childhood. I have about 5 or 6 of the same card from the various packs and boxes I busted of 93 UD, and for sure its worth nothing, but trust me when I tell you this Mike Perez isn’t coming out of the top loader.



One response to “Mike Perez – 1993 Upper Deck, A card of a card of a card

  1. That’s actually from 1993 Upper Deck. If I’d ever pulled this card my head would’ve exploded!

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