Bernie Williams – One of those guys…

Not many guys patrol center field in the Bronx and get the consistent love from the otherwise ruthless bleacher creatures like Mr. Bernabé Figueroa Williams – Bernie to you and I. Bernie Williams wore the pinstripes from the day he was signed as an amateur free agent in 1985 all the way up until his last MLB appearance in October 2006.


A Yankee fan favorite, Bernie grew up in Puerto Rico and throughout his childhood developed his love for the game of baseball as well as the guitar, which he would turn to later on in his life after professional baseball. Bernie Williams was noted as a great teammate, and although he had a questionable arm out in center field he always seemed to give it 110%. Bernie Williams career numbers are pretty solid, a touch under .300 at the plate with greatness in the postseason Bernie really came alive – major league records for most post season RBIs and extra base hits. Bernie Williams could sure flash the leather too, winning Gold Gloves from 1997 to 2000.


Derek Jeter once said that Bernie was an entertainer trapped in an athletes body, and true to that statement Bernie has gone on from baseball to have a successful music career. He is a wonderful guitarist and has released two albums, working with other musicians to the likes of Springsteen and Jon Secada. I certainly wont forget the farewell to Old Yankee Stadium, and Bernie’s rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, his tribute so he says to a game that was so good to him.

As a baseball fan and a Yankee fan, I’d like to say thanks to you Bernie Williams – your service on our outfield grass for those 16 years were enjoyable. Here is to you and hope you have continued success with your music career, a class act and in my book a hall of famer. To wrap it up, I guess you could say Bernie Williams sweats talent, just one of those guys…



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