1992 Upper Deck Box Break

As I had previously mentioned, at the recent Dania Beach Card Show I purchased a box of 1992 Upper Deck on my way out of the show. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but figured it would be fun to break a box again and maybe I could get a Manny RC which I could have burned up for a funny YouTube video or something.


Well Last night was the night and it was time to finally break the box of 1992 Upper Deck. I have to say when I took out those 36 packs of cards it somewhat brought me back a few years to my childhood and the excitement of not knowing what you were going to pull!


It was fun to make a little mess with the contents of the 1992 Upper Deck box.


I went through the cards and pulled a few that I thought might book decently, but most were just the early 90s junk cardboard that isn’t worth much. I guess the contents of the box were good and worth $7, but there is no doubt the suspense and fun I experienced breaking the box were well worth the money.


I figure I will use the bulk of the other stuff for TTM. Leave a comment or send an email if you are interested in any cards from the set, and I will look through and see if I have them and send them out to you.


Flipping Wax


4 responses to “1992 Upper Deck Box Break

  1. Not junk… “priceless”. I busted a box of this stuff not too long ago for “old times sake”. I had a blast, even though I “lost” money on a ten dollar box. O’well. You could not put a price tag on the memories that came rushing back as I ripped each ‘tamper proof’ pack.

  2. I agree with you, just thumbing though the cards and the memories that brought up was priceless. Thanks for reading – let me know if there is any cards you need out of this set and I will send them your way.

  3. You got holograms! That should be reason enough to love this box!

  4. I just cracked a box of this myself about a month ago and man it was worth it…..It just took me back!!

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