Trip to the Card Store

So today at lunch time I took some time to stop by the card store right by my office. I have been there before and it is really nothing more than a little stand inside and indoor flea market. The guy who runs the place is from up North like me and has been in the business for quite some time and at one time owned multiple stores in the Massachusetts area.

Whenever I stop there I feel as though I am the only customer who thumbs through the boxes of cards and sorts through some of the older packs he has. He sells some other type of goods which I think is his main revenue stream there, but I don’t go for anything but some old wax. He usually gives me a few things for free when I stop in, and we chat a bit and then part ways – he is a genuine nice guy. Today I decided I would go for a reason and wanted to pick up some older baseball card packs to bust.

I dropped $20 today and walked away with the following:


  • Plastic 100 card carrying case – just something I will appreciate having more of when I take some cards to shows to see about dumping off or trading away.
  • 1991 Topps 45 Card pack
  • 5 Packs of 1987 Donruss – good rookie class
  • 1 Pack of 1993 Bowman – maybe a Jeter rookie?
  • 1 Pack of 2007 Topps Flashback Fridays – freebie
  • And a random grab bag for $1.99 – there was one left and what could be more fun than a grab bag?

I will be sure to follow up with what I got in the packs and grab bag!

I have to say, I do enjoy taking a mid week trip to the card store. For me it is almost like a nice stress relief and gives me something to do after work on hump day, perhaps it’s cardboard therapy. Looking forward to seeing what cards this week brings. Anyone else take a weekly stress relief trip to the card store?

Flipping Wax


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