A 4th of July Card Show

The fourth of July has many activities to offer from cookouts to fireworks, but this past holiday weekend had something different in the cards for me (seriously no pun intended – yuck). I woke up on the 4th this year and decided I would take the opportunity to check out a monthly card show that I haven’t attended before.

The show was down in Dania Beach FL so I figured I’d take a few hours in the morning and drop in and see what they had to offer. I will say I was pleasantly surprised to see more than 5 vendors at the show, and more than a dozen customers shopping around just after it opened when I got there – perhaps the notion of the death of the hobby I got at a show about a month ago might not be so bad after all.

I went to the show carrying a budget of $45, nothing scientific behind that, just so happens that is the cash I had in my wallet when I got to the parking lot. Thing is, I have somewhat of an issue when I get back into something I go all in very quickly, so it is good I didn’t have hundreds of dollars with me, because likely I would have snatched up that Mattingly framed display that I passed on (hopefully it will be there next month) as well as a few other things.

I did indeed buy a few things that caught my eye. I should have walked the show and scoped everything out before I decided to make a purchase, but I just couldn’t resist the urge to thumb through a few hundred baseball cards at the first vendor (I hope he paid extra for that spot for guys like me). There I picked up some various cards and a few specifically for some TTM in the next few weeks. I was in a Yankee kind of mood so it became apparent when I got home that most of what I purchased was Yankee related, but no complaints here.

I will be making some subsequent posts once I have scanned images of what I picked up, but here is a quick rundown from memory:

A lot of Jeter
A good amount of Mattingly
A few Pete Rose (going to TTM)
Jennie Finch (TTM)
Danica Patrick (TTM – yes not related to baseball, but I am a racing fan as well)
Joe Torre
A few other players at random mostly to hit totals to bring the overall price per card down.

On the way out I had $7 left, which really doesn’t do me any good and would likely have been wasted on something else so I decided to take a lap and see what fun I could create with it. I headed back to the first vendor I purchased from and he had a few sealed boxes, I figured it would be fun to do a box break, but most were way over my budget. Low and behold he had a 1992 Upper Deck Baseball sealed box marked $10, needless to say I will be doing a little box break post to see if I can pull a rookie or two out of it like Manny (yuck). If nothing else it will be fun to break the box and use some cards for TTM or maybe I will just list what I don’t want/need here and do a little free mailing to visitors.

Flipping Wax


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