Back To An Old Friend

So I guess this is the theoretical place to start this baseball card blog. What makes me decide to write a blog about an old hobby that I was done with almost 10 years ago some might ask? Well, it seems as though the bug has bit once again and I have come back to the sport that I have grown to love so much… baseball.

You see, it wasn’t until a trip back to my Dad’s house in New Jersey that I remembered what I loved about collecting cards as a kid growing up. A spring day that could have likely been spent doing much more constructive and fun things with my girlfriend and father during our vacation to New Jersey ended up with me standing in my fathers kitchen going through cards I had all but forgotten about. Then it hit me, and I began to ask myself why I grew out of the hobby, but there wasn’t a single answer I could put my finger on. I guess the hobby of baseball card collecting just fell by the wayside when things like having a driver’s license, cars, high school, and college came into play, and then of course entering the workforce and moving out on my own seemed to overshadow the necessity to snag a new pack of baseball cards.

Now, I am 1200 miles away from my cards, but they are in route to me and I couldn’t be more excited about having them in my hands again. It will be a long few weeks or months to sift through and re-organize the nearly twenty thousand in my collection, but I will do so with a smile on my face remembering to not forget the hobby I once loved so dearly again.

I guess I will end this first post with my intentions for the blog. I intend to use this blog to share with others the journey back into the hobby of card collecting, I will also be posting some experiences I have with getting players autographs through the mail (TTM) as well sharing any in person autograph experiences.

I will continue to buy some new wax and hopefully get into some box breaks to share with the audience. I have already attended one card show since I last sifted through the collection I once adored, and I am sorry to say it was sad to see how the hobby is dying (the card show could have been hosted in my living room), so I will likely be posting any card show stories or finds.

I would love to hear some feedback from any visitors so please comment away. I want this blog to be about the visitors just as much as it is about me, and hopefully I can inspire some other people to get back into a hobby we enjoyed so much in our youths.

Flipping Wax


3 responses to “Back To An Old Friend

  1. Welcome! It’s always fun to rediscover this hobby… I’ll be reading!

  2. I am having a blast getting back into it, big task coming up to re-organize my older collection. I am shooting for alphabetical, but I am not sure if I have enough Advil. Thanks for swinging by.

  3. Dude great blog!!! i really enjoyed read it…. Looks like you live in South Florida, me too!! It’s nice to see…….

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